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EXO3 racquet design utilises large holes and string suspension to deliver racquets with the largest hitting area on the market.  Strings are liberated from conventional, restrictive grommet holes, allowing the strings to respond more freely - even at the outer edges of the frame.  A larger, more functional hitting zone gives all players the opportunity to hit better shots, more often.  Now, even off-center hits feel and respond more like dead-center.


Speedport racquets give you the largest sweetspot for perfect control, ultimate speed, more power and ideal stability for pin-point accuracy.  This allows accomplished squash players greater creativity and the ability to produce winning shots around the court.


O3 engineered racquets are created through a one-step fusion process that utilises the strongest structure known to man - the Arch; creating the frame's O-Ports.  These O-Ports stabilise the racquet giving you more control on off-center shots.


By replacing traditional pin-sized string holes with the revolutionary giant O-Ports, a superior aerodynamic frame has been created with a more responsive string-bed.  This increases the sweet spot by up to 54%, creating a Sweet Zone, which means you hit your best shots....more often.  What's truly impressive is that Prince engineers are able to do this all without enlarging the racquet head, increasing its length, or adding weight!


O-Ports increase the conventional sweet sport by up to 54%, turning it into a sweet zone.  This eliminates the dead zone of the racquet and allows you to hit more powerful serves, more consistent shots and return wide shots with authority.


O-Ports reduce aerodynamic drag, producing a faster swing speed, enabling players to reach more balls and win more points, more often.  A faster swing speed means increased power and maximum maneuverability.


Always striving to improve racquet performance the O Zone series features a re-engineered hitting zone which utilises a NEW CARBON WAVE MATRIX (CWM) for enhanced sweet zone, hitting feel and overall level of hitting control.  With a sweet zone that is up to 54% larger than traditional racquets the O Zone series boasts one of the largest sweet spots in squash.


The CWM is positioned around the frame where the O-Ports are.  CWM both strengthens and adds stability to the Sweet Spot and hitting zone of the racquet.  The 'WAVE' graphic on the inner of the frame is a graphic description of CWM.


The Air-O series has giant O-Ports at the 12 o'clock position giving the racquet more head speed through the air.  Prince offers all levels of players the opportunity the benefit of a larger sweet spot, improved handling and enhanced hitting stability.


An inverted 'ring' in the throat of the frame creates longer main strings of uniform length for enhanced power across the entire string bed.  A grommet-less throat increases frame durability and stiffness.


Innovative racquet design features increased string length and a unique string pattern that's more open at the sweet spot.  The patented Double Barrel Grommet system reduces frame holes for maximum stiffness and strength.


A concave 'scooped' shaft absorbs more wall and floor impacts, providing greater comfort and durability with full-frame stiffness for maximum striking power.


A high performance bumper composed of a low friction polymer, which provides maximum frame protection.


Optimal weight distribution system provides perfect balance for maximum stability and sweet spot.


Optimal weight distribution system provides perfect balance for maximum stability and sweet spot.  The titanium structure enhances the strength and stiffness, which improves the durability and power.