Prince Rackets
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Click here to take your game to the next level.  Learn more about EXO3 technology.

The next generation of racket design, only from Prince.  EXO3 does what no other racket can; it captures wasted energy at the moment of impact - up to 26% more - and channels it where you need it most - into every shot.
Energy Bridge - The revolutionary idea behind EXO3 is the patented Energy BridgeTM, an exo skeletal structure that suspends the string bed from the frame, increasing virtual head size for up to an 83% larger sweet spot.  In addition frame vibration is reduced by up to 50%.
Energy Channel - Enhancing the dynamic effects of the Energy BridgeTM, is the patented Energy ChannelTM, a sculpted groove within the frame that provides added stability, boots ball control and increases spin by up to 25%.


Prince 03 Speedport offers More Powerful Serves. More Penetrating Groundstrokes.  Crisper Volleys.  Racket speed has always been an essential part of playing better tennis.  It determines how fast the ball travels and how much spin is placed on the ball.  It lets players hit a wider selection of shots with greater precision.  Until now, superior racket speed was achievable by only the best players in the world.  O3 Speedport rackets are up to 24% faster through the air than traditional frames, increasing racket head speed throughout the entire swing pattern.
O Port Technology - Racket speed is a critical part of playing better tennis. It determines how fast the ball travels and how much spin is placed on the ball. It allows players to hit a wider selection of shots with more precision. Until now, superior racket speed has been achievable by only the best players in the world. Now, all players can experience the benefits of Extra Racket Speed.


The only racket technology that combines an increased sweet spot with faster racket head speed. By transforming ordinary string holes into revolutionary giant O-Ports, we expanded the sweet spot into a sweet zone by up to 54% giving increased maneuverability and superior performance.


Always striving to improve racket performance the O Zone series features a re-engineered hitting zone which utilizes a NEW Carbon Wave Matrix for an enhanced sweetzone, hitting feel and overall level of hitting control. With a sweetzone that is up to 54% larger than traditional rackets the O Zone series boasts one of the largest sweet spots in tennis.


The O3 revolution continues with the O3 Hybrid series. The synergy of ordinary racket technology enhanced with O3 engineering for improved performance. Whether it is added power or greater control there is an O3 Hybrid model that will fit your game. The O3 Hybrid Series has giant O-Ports at 12 o’clock on the perimeter of the frame, enlarging the sweetspot and increasing stability for the racket.


Prince brings innovations to all levels of the game. Introducing Air-O Technology. By making use of Prince’s revolutionary O-Port technology, Prince offers all recreational players the opportunity the benefit of a larger sweet spot, improved racket handling and enhanced hitting stability, along with lightweight 7000 series aluminium.The Air-O has giant O-Ports at 3 and 9 o’clock giving the racket more head speed through the air and also increase’s the sweetspot of the racket.


The very best of high modulus graphite/carbon composition available today. Used to increase firmness while maintaining light weight and power. Dense graphite fibers give rackets more reel and the racket is more responsive. The graphite is wrapped around a mold og the racket and then baked. At high temperatures the mold melts and runs out leaving only the graphite frame.


The pinnacle of power and precision. That’s Triple Threat with Tungsten. Triple Threat increases racket stability by focusing weight using Titanium-Copper-Carbon in the three critical racket locations: 10 o’clock, 2 o’clock and at the bottom of the handle. By fortifying these critical locations with Tungsten, a strong dense metal, perfect stability is achieved. This unique weighting system provides the highest level of power, precision and comfort ever.


O-Ports increase the conventional sweet spot by 54%, turning it into a Sweet Zone. This eliminates the dead zone of the racquet and allows you to hit more consistent shots.


Introduced in 1987, also known as Sweet Spot Suspension. This system allows the string to pass through, and not touch the frame (or grommet), until the outside of the head. This effectively lengthens the string without having to make the head bigger - this enlarges the sweet spot. On impact with the ball, the string can flex more, which also helps to soften the feel and add comfort to the racket.


Introduced in the early 90’s with the Synergy range of rackets. ‘DB’ (Double Bridge) is a dampener placed in the throat of the racket between two ‘bridges’. The main strings in the sweet spot area pass through the dampener to help remove vibration and soften the feel of the racket and add to the comfort.


Morph means change, or blend, from one thing to another. A racket head is normally oval in shape; in some rackets Prince change (or morph) the shape to a more square profile in the throat area of the racket to help prevent twisting of the frame. This helps make the racket more stable, and increases power.


The swing-weight determines how fast you can accelerate the racket; the Swing-weight of a racket is an indication of how much torque you must apply to the racket handle to get it to swing.
Composition: These measurements (i.e. 27-30-27mm) give you the with of the frame when viewed side on – refer to Morph Beam or Straight Beam.