Prince Rackets

This satellite series is now in its 28th year.  It was designed to give (predominately junior) tennis players match practice over the winter months.  Prince has been involved as sponsor for around seven years now.

The series is played over 10 Sundays during winter months with a prize giving on the final day.  It’s extremely popular, with players from as far away as New Plymouth, Christchurch, Northland, Hamilton, and Bay of Plenty traveling to Auckland to play each Sunday.

There are two sessions each day beginning at 8am and 1pm, with 5 players per court, using all 23 courts at the Scarbro Tennis Centre.  This allows 230 players to participate each day.  Courts are organised on player ability, and boys and girls are often on the same court playing each other.  All 5 players play each other and they may be promoted up, or demoted down a number of courts depending on results.  Each court winner receives a prize each day and they also earn points depending on the finishing order of the court.  Each player’s points are accumulated over the series with the top 10 points earners winning major prizes.  It is often not the best players in the series who win the major prizes.

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2013 - May 12th, May 19th, May 26th, June 6th, June 30th, July 7th, July 28th, August 4th, August 18th

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